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Weekly Online and Face to Face Coaching

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Custom programs at your fingertips. Take the hard work out of planning and structuring your workouts and have it done for you.


Have 1:1 sessions to ensure progress with safe and efficient lifting taught face to face. 

You're 4 steps away from change


Inquire for a free consult  below, where you will be contacted within 24 hours.


We will discuss the best service for your personal goals and lifestyle.


Join the team, and start your coaching journey working closely with me.


Get Stronger and leaner than you've ever been


Weekly Coaching is THE service which will make the MOST progress towards your goal. Included in this, is a 1 hour Face to Face session where we will go through movements to fix inefficiencies, imperfections and teaching basic movement patterns along with new exercises that are necessary to reach your goals.


Not only do you get a weekly session, you are also provided with a fully complete online CUSTOM program which is tailored to YOU, YOUR goals, YOUR lifestyle, and to compliment YOUR biomechanics. This program is updated weekly, can be changed weekly if specific movements are uncomfortable or unachievable.


Through this service I can personally GUARANTEE you progression towards your goal when following the plan. Our face to face session will help even more with accountability and motivation. 

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Some Weekly Coaching Success Stories

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Having never done strength training before, the heaviest Gabbi ever squatted was 70kg. 15 weeks of working together and she competed for the first time, where she went on to squat 130kg, bench 57.5kg and deadlift 152.5kg. She hit numbers that are impressive even for an experienced lifter!

Gabriella Munteanu

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Matt started with a 160kg deadlift 1RM and wasn't feeling comfortable enough to squat heavy. We went through the process of relearning how to move efficiently. Fast forward a year, and he now moves so much better, at his last comp he deadlifted an easy 225kg, squatted 180kg and bench pressed 112.5kg.

Matthew Fennelly

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Dee signed up with me while already having a comp in mind. We didn't have too much time to prep, so we went over the essentials. We fixed efficiency in her lifts and pushed her into a short prep. In 8 weeks she hit big PB's in everything. Her most recent deadlift was 160kg while weighing under 75kg bodyweight that's over double her bodyweight!

Dealla Trieguts

Something for everyone

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Online Coaching


What's included:

- Individualised program
- 24/7 support
- Feedback on all exercises
- Periodisation 
- Training education

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Weekly Coaching

What's included:

- 1x hour 1:1 session
- Discounted initial movement            analysis (33% off)
- Individualised program
- 24/7 support
- Feedback on all exercises
- Periodisation 
- Training education

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need any experience to start?
    Nope! There's no experience necessary to start. It can be your first time ever walking into the gym, or it can be the 1000th. I've worked with complete beginners to Elite athletes.
  • What service is best for me?
    Since everyone has different goals, lifestyles and priorities, this question can't be answered so easily. The service that suits you best is one that you are able to follow, helps keep you disciplined to train, and is enjoyable to you.
  • What if I don't live locally?
    No stress! My Coaching is primarily online anyway, so you dont need to live locally to get access to it. Everything can be done online, through the coaching app, text message, and even zoom/facetime.
  • Do you do 1:1 sessions by themselves?
    Yep! I do 1x hour long 1:1 face to face sessions as well. I just believe that having a program is a much better way to make progress, since you make progression from being consistent. 1 hour of training a week isn't going to cut it, which is why I offer 1:1 sessions ASWELL as programs.
  • Is there a lock in contract?
    All good things take time, usually it takes a while to see and feel results from lifting. Which is why when we start working together we come to a 12 week agreement. This lasts the lengths of 2 training blocks, which is where I can promise you, you will see results by then if you follow the provided program.
  • Will I have to pay a gym entry fee for a session?
    Unfortunately if you're not a member then yes. I will do my best to get a free pass for you to enter without a fee. But I may not be able to do this every week. If you sign up to the gym it is cheaper than paying a weekly fee there. Plus, you have a great gym to finish the other days of your programming!
  • I want to change up some package options, is that possible?
    Absolutely! The package options are just a suggestion, but you are completely able to mix and match to your desire. For example, if you're not interested in nutrition but want another 1:1 session I can recalculate the price for you. You can even build on the pre-set packages too!
  • Will I be forced to do cardio?
    Unless your goal is to increase your cardiovascular system...No, never. Cardio isn't actually required to lose weight at all. The only thing necessary is being in a caloric deficit. So rest assured, you'll never see 'cardio' prescribed in your program unless you're specifically requesting it.
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