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Welcome to The Saiyan Strength Team
Make training enjoyable, food your friend, and appreciate the Journey

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What do we do?

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Training to surpass your self placed limits

The human body is capable of some amazing things. Your potential just needs to be brought out, you need to challenge yourself to see how strong you really are. You ARE capable of losing 20kg while working full time, you ARE capable of deadlifting 300kg. All that you need to do is put in the work required to get your there. The only thing you may lack, is the plan that gets you from A to B, which is what I take care of for you.

Building muscle, losing weight, increasing strength or performance, whatever your goal - I can help get you there.


Why Saiyan Strength?

Training for specific goals requires specific programming. However this doesn't mean training can't be fun AND beneficial at the same time. What makes me different from the rest is that I hold your enjoyment of the process at a higher priority than others do. I'll make sure you enjoy the whole process while doing incredible things you never thought possible. This DOESN'T mean your progression will be slowed, in fact you tend to train harder at something when you're enjoying it.

I've been in the gym for over a decade, had coaching for 3 years and graduated with a bachelors degree in exercise science, I started to coach myself and expand my knowledge in coaching. I've built my strength up to a 280kg squat and a 280kg deadlift while weighing under 90kg. I coach my own powerlifting team who have started from nowhere and have now competed in state level competitions. I've helped 100's of people improve their lifting form and reduced injury pain in peoples daily lives through exercise. I've trained with 'the average guy' and helped to lose 25kg while building strength.

Something for everyone

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Online Coaching


What's included:

- Individualised program
- 24/7 support
- Feedback on all exercises
- Periodisation 
- Training education

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Weekly Coaching

What's included:

- 1x hour 1:1 session
- Discounted initial movement            analysis (33% off)
- Individualised program
- 24/7 support
- Feedback on all exercises
- Periodisation 
- Training education



Get more value with a package


Join the Saiyan Strength Powerlifting Team for;
- Free Shirt
- Weekly Programming (discounted)
- Competition Prep + Handling
- 24/7 Support
- And More!


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Build insane strength with;
- Custom Programs (updated weekly)
- Custom Macronutrients + education
- Weekly 1:1 F2F sessions
- 24/7 Support
- Discounted Movement analysis
- And More!



Lose unwanted fat with;
- Custom Programs (updated weekly)
- Macronutrient plan + education
- Accountability + Tracking Sheet
- Weekly body composition check ins
- Video Feedback
- And More!

Weight Loss



"In less than 12 months I’ve come so far and lost 13.5kg. All thanks to one person other than myself for pushing me no matter how much I complain. Ryan at Saiyan Strength Coach thank you for the motivation to achieve as much as I have, I honestly would have failed many times over if it wasn’t for your persistence. Still more goals to come."

Renee Johnson

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"Ryan has a wealth of knowledge from personal experience. He helped treat a 5+ year chronic back injury so I was able to lift confidently. He is focused on performance and how you feel, rather than a number on the scale which was really refreshing for me. I highly recommend Ryan to anyone wanting more out of their gym sessions"

Rhiannon Jones

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"I started with Ryan in October of 2021 with a powerlifting focus. I was skinny, and riddled with lack of confidence both in lifts and my life. Ryan has not only helped me increase my strength immensely but completely pain free. You won't just be given a program and left in the dust, every exercise prescribed to you is intentional and individualised, not just same thing for every John and Jane Doe. If you want a coach that's going to go the extra mile and be there to support you throughout the ENTIRE PROCESS, contact Saiyan Strength Coach"

Mathew Fennelly

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Massive gains, super personable coach and an amazing team! 

Reached out curious about powerlifting after about a year at the gym. He put me on the right track straight away with form, six weeks later I hit PRs I thought were ages away. Since then I've had my first comp which was a huge success. Nothing but encouragement and good vibes along the way. The relationships he builds with the team creates such a great environment and everyone's friendly.

Travis Zanchetta

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Fitness Fitness Website in Dark Brown Neon Pink Gradients Style (23).png

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need any experience to start?
    Nope! There's no experience necessary to start. It can be your first time ever walking into the gym, or it can be the 1000th. I've worked with complete beginners to Elite athletes.
  • What service is best for me?
    Since everyone has different goals, lifestyles and priorities, this question can't be answered so easily. The service that suits you best is one that you are able to follow, helps keep you disciplined to train, and is enjoyable to you.
  • What if I don't live locally?
    No stress! My Coaching is primarily online anyway, so you dont need to live locally to get access to it. Everything can be done online, through the coaching app, text message, and even zoom/facetime.
  • Do you do 1:1 sessions by themselves?
    Yep! I do 1x hour long 1:1 face to face sessions as well. I just believe that having a program is a much better way to make progress, since you make progression from being consistent. 1 hour of training a week isn't going to cut it, which is why I offer 1:1 sessions ASWELL as programs.
  • Is there a lock in contract?
    All good things take time, usually it takes a while to see and feel results from lifting. Which is why when we start working together we come to a 12 week agreement. This lasts the lengths of 2 training blocks, which is where I can promise you, you will see results by then if you follow the provided program.
  • Will I have to pay a gym entry fee for a session?
    Unfortunately if you're not a member then yes. I will do my best to get a free pass for you to enter without a fee. But I may not be able to do this every week. If you sign up to the gym it is cheaper than paying a weekly fee there. Plus, you have a great gym to finish the other days of your programming!
  • I want to change up some package options, is that possible?
    Absolutely! The package options are just a suggestion, but you are completely able to mix and match to your desire. For example, if you're not interested in nutrition but want another 1:1 session I can recalculate the price for you. You can even build on the pre-set packages too!
  • Will I be forced to do cardio?
    Unless your goal is to increase your cardiovascular system...No, never. Cardio isn't actually required to lose weight at all. The only thing necessary is being in a caloric deficit. So rest assured, you'll never see 'cardio' prescribed in your program unless you're specifically requesting it.
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